Software Solutions Architect

I am an Ember enthusiast specializing in building ambitious web apps at zero cost.


Programming is much more than just making a computer work. The act of programming in itself is an art, a functional art, but an art nonetheless. As programmers, we are meant to find a solution that is easy to adapt, modify, and reuse. We should never even consider making something "just work".

Code is read more than written and what we write should not be black-boxed. Every line should be elegant and easy to read for anyone coming to view the code years from now. Before starting to write any code we should first attain to understand the problem and then furthermore try and break this problem down into sub-problems.

I see programming as understanding a problem well enough to be able to explain it as simple as possible to a machine and being able to be easily understood by anyone coming back to it. And in this sense I am an artist, Atom text editor is my canvas, JavaScript is my paint, and each line of code I write is a testament to my artistic integrity.

I am a highly motivated and driven developer with excellent skills acquired through various roles in employment and education. I could be a useful asset to your establishment by providing the most efficient and scalable solutions to a wide range of tasks. I pride myself on being a fast learner who works hard to achieve and surpass set goals. Responsible and conscientious with a friendly but competitive streak I aim to do my absolute best in everything. I have developed a good reputation for my leadership and organizational skills and work well as part of a team. My problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills have allowed me to show my potential and step up to a managerial role where I have been in charge of projects and product building leading multiple teams to maximum efficiency.